Collection: Rings

Molten Silver flows in a special manner, therefore we decided to create a series of rings inspired by that very fact. Only after the Silver is forged to an optimal temperature then do we let it perform its magic. Each ring has the DNA of the collection, the characteristics are undoubtable. Yet not one will ever be exactly the same. A custom mold is designed for each ring and never used again. While they may appear similar to each other we promise each one will have its own unique character. They all go through a labor intensive finishing process where we achieve the burly and randomly balanced form. Much kin to a piece of artwork that reveals textures and flashes when gazed upon from different angles. You can trace SMT soul through the solid .999 Fine Silver we use on all our pieces, only the best. The Free Form are by no means meager, weighing out at least 27 grams, most fall well North of that. They will instinctively find a finger they are intended to surround.