Hand forged and designed in California to re-connect us with inner strength. Common side effects include authenticity, a nuanced confidence, and a gleam of white light bursting from all angles.

Shadow Series

Based off powerful roots in American history, The Shadow Series represents eye... 

Chain & Pendant

The A list combo. Here is the deal, this look is about... 

Welcome to the Tribe

  • Pendants

    All items are made with the highest quality .999 Silver and hand forged.

  • Chains

    High quality Silver chains sourced from Italy.

    Water resistant/Tarnish Free


  • Rings

    Molten Silver flows in a special manner, therefore we decided to create a series of rings inspired by that very fact. A custom mold is designed for each ring and never used again. You can trace SMT soul through the solid .999 Fine Silver we use on all our pieces. The Free Form results in the ring weighing out at least 27 grams.